We are proud to finally announce the ShowScience 24 conference which will be held in Rabat, Morocco from 10th to 14th of september 2024.

This conference aims to bring together groups with experience in science shows and people interested in setting up a new science show. The conference will include lectures by science communication experts from all over Europe and Africa, as well as many hands-on experimental sessions where ideas can be exchanged, and where new groups can learn and share about science communication. The ShowScience 2204 conference will culminate in a joint performance on saturday

For the first time, the conference will be held in Africa rather than Europe. So ShowScience 24 is open to people active in science outreach in Africa, and who knows, an “AfricaScienceFun network” will be born.

It’s a great opportunity for ESF network members to discover the science mediation activities taking place in Africa.

Registration are now opened and the deadline for entries is the 31st of July 2024.